OZONE Project

Concept - 2014

OZONE is the conceptual device that includes the projector, camera, and the processing unit. What the device does is to project an application on different surfaces. See Video

The first prototype - 2014

Prototype is the essential part of the invention. This is the interface prototype that I designed and built at the first day I started this project.

First week of OZONE - 2014

The first week that I was working on this project is incredibly amazing. My teacher, Rodin, gave me a projector, so I used it to projected the interface that I designed.

The first OZONE is born - 2014

The first OZONE was builded yesterday, Mar 19, 2014 at Sprague Tech room, Sprague High school. It took me a while to created the projector stand.

Progress 1 - 2014

This is the first coding progress so far. I must say that I this is the big progress for the system. I merge the light tracking algorithm with the Java robot class, which allow me to control the mouse pointer.

Progress 2 - 2014

This is the second progress of this development. I developed a system that can track color object using camera. I also used project to project the correspond graphics on to it.

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