Pat Pataranutaporn

Barrett Honors College / College of Liberal Arts & Sciences - Biological Sciences

Cofounder & Director of Innovation, Humanity X Technologies, LLC.

About me

Pat Pataranutaporn is a creative biologist, artist, designer, coder and an undergraduate student at the Barrett Honors College / College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Arizona State University. His work examines a range of topics from environmental biotechnology, interactive media at the intersection of biology, DIY, and computation. Pat is a research fellow at the Biodesign Institute, School of Art, Media + Engineering, and the cofounder of award winning tech startups, Humanity X Technologies and BioX.


2014 - current Undergraduate student at Arizona State University - Biological Sciences

2013 - 2014 Exchange student - Sprague High School, Salem, OR

2008 - 2013 Scholarship - PSU.Wittayanusorn School, Hatyai, Thailand (JSTP - National Gifted Student Program)



VR/AR, Machine Learning, Text mining, Game development, Integration, Software development and beyond!


Interactive Design, Digital fabrication, Visual Graphics, Infographics, Motion graphics, Presentation design and beyond!


Biomimicry, Molecular biology research techniques (Nucleic acid extraction, PCR, DGGE,and Molecular cloning), Bioinformatics, Biovisualization and beyond!


Design thinking, Lean innovation, Project management, Entrepreneurial mindsets and beyond!

Research interests

Environmental Biotech

The use of organic systems and living organisms to solve problems, develop solutions, or create products.

Futuristic Interface

Technology and conceptual designs that are inspired by Sci-fi movies and futurisitic setting.

Interactive Arts

The arts that involve audiences in a way that allows the arts to evolve and create new experiences for the audiences.

Architecture Design

In order to create a sustainable living, human need to blend art, science, and engineering together to design a big crazy idea called "home"

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Zhou, C., Liu, Z., Pataranutaporn, P., Vannela, R., Hayes, K. & Rittmann, B. 2015, "Biogenic nano-particulate iron-sulfide produced through sulfate and Fe(III)-(hydr)oxide reductions was enhanced by pyruvate as the electron donor", RSC Advances, vol. 5, no. 122, pp. 100750-100761.


Suwinyattichaiporn, T. & Pataranutaporn, P. 2016, "Centralizing Marginality: Teaching Race Issues Through the Use of Virtual Reality", WSCA (Western States Communication Association) 2017 Convention. Salt Lake City, California. [February 21, 2017]

Mihaleva, G., Pataranutaporn, P. & Ingalls, T. 2016, "Wearable Installation and Human Interaction - Generative Membrane", 3D-Festival BEYOND 2016. Karlsruhe, Germany. [September 29, 2016]

Pataranutaporn, P., Valencia, O. & Kusumi, K. 2016, "Visualizing Biodesign: transforming research through interactive technology", HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) 2016. Tempe, Arizona. [May, 2016]

Bates, J., Pataranutaporn, P., McCollum, K., Polur, R. & Lee, B. 2016, "The future of innovation: Transforming our society for saving lives", accepted to host a workshop at HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) 2016. Tempe, Arizona. [May, 2016] Workshop website

Suwinyattichaiporn, T. & Pataranutaporn, P. 2016, "When interactive animation and communication research converge: an innovative presentation and gamification of research findings", WSCA (Western States Communication Association) 2016 Annual Convention. San Diego, California. [February 29, 2016]

Pataranutaporn, P. & Suphapol,S. 2011, "Biodegradation of polystyrene foam by the microorganisms from landfill", BYEE Conference organized by Bayer and UNEP. Leverkusen, German. [October 16 - 21, 2011]

Pataranutaporn, P. & Sukhoom, A. 2010, "Isolation of polystyrene foam biodegradable bacteria from contaminated soil", the 36th National Conference on Science and Technology. Bangkok, Thailand. P69. [October 26, 2010]


Pataranutaporn, P.,Wongkaew, C. Surareungchai, S. & Kirtikara, K. "A Method for Identifying STEM Gifted and Talented Youth : development of mentoring approaches", a chapter of the 7th Thailand-U.S. Education Roundtable STEM Education: Learning Culture of the 21st Century Workforce proceeding. Bangkok, Thailand. [February 2016].


Fernando, P. Pandelakis, M. & Kuznetsov, S. "Practicing DIYBiology In An HCI Setting". ACM CHI’16 Extended Abstracts.


2016 - current - Research Fellow Synthesis Center, School of Art, Media + Engineering, Arizona State University

2015 - 2016 - Social Media Chair ASU Changemaker Central, Arizona State University

2014 - current - Researcher Biodesign Insitute, Arizona State University Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology


2015 - Global Biomimicry Design Challenge (Top 3 winner - Final/prototype round) [October 22, 2016]

2016 - MIT Media Lab Reality, Virtually, Hackathon : the Most Refined Mobile VR Experience & Best Up and Coming hackers for VR Story Tellers [October 7, 2016]

2016 - Pitchfork award : Changemaker Entrepreneur of the Year [April 7, 2016]

2016 - Finalist Pakis Social Entrepreneurial Challenge for ARKHumanity/Humanity X Technologies, LLC [February 4, 2016]

2015 - Global Biomimicry Design Challenge (The 1st runner up - proposal round) [October 4, 2015]

2015 - Changemaker Innovation Challenge (First prize winner)

2015 - Dean's List student, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

2014 - Hacks for Humanity (First prize winner)

2014 - Codeday Portland (Overall award winner)

2012 - Asia - Pacific gifted youth summit, Dubai (Winner)

2012 - JAXA - NSTDA student zero gravity flight experiment contest(Second place winner)

2011 - Representative from Thailand to join United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Bayer Conference (BYEE), Germany

Talks & Presentations

2016 - Chair at Disruptive Innovation Festival 2016

"Innovation in the Age of Biodesign" [November 23, 2016] Video, Abstract

2016 - Chair at Disruptive Innovation Festival 2016

"Hacks for Humanity" [November 16, 2016] Video, Abstract

2016 - Invited speaker at Stanford Medicine X

"Hacks with Hope" [September 17, 2016] Slide

2016 - Invited speaker at Thailand Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (THAIST)

"Future of Innovation is FREAK!" [July 26, 2016] Slide

2016 - Invited speaker at Prince of Songkla University International College (PSUIC)

"Innovation + Aesthetic in Computational & Biological Era" [June 27, 2016] Slide

2016 - Invited speaker at PSU Wittayanusorn School (PSUWIT)

"Exploring Design & Emerging Sciences" [June 23, 2016] Slide

2016 - Invited speaker at Phoenix Stanford Medicine X Pop-Up event

"Hacks Health Humanity" [April 16, 2016] Watch presentation

2015 - Invited panelist at SXSW Eco 2015 at Austin, TX [October 5-7, 2015]

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