About Pat Pataranutaporn

Pat Pataranutaporn is a creative biologist, artist, designer, coder and an undergrad student at College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Arizona State University. His work examines a range from environmental biotechnology to interactive technology at the intersection of biology, DIY, and computation. Right now he is a research fellow at the Biodesign Institute, School of Art, Media + Engineering, and also the cofounder of the award winning tech startup, Humanity X and BioX.


We develop innovative technology for the real time detection of social media messages that are indicative of suicidal thinking and a platform for triage and outreach. This startup team includes ASU students and community members fromed at Hack4Humanity.

Interactive Biology lab

Led by an interdisciplinary team of biologists, computer scientists, and human computer interaction researchers, this work envisions new systems to scaffold non-professional participation in biology.

DNArt- Creative Bioinformatics

DNArt is a multidisciplinary project that is taking an inspiration from functional genomics to create a new type of graphic representation and artwork. DNArt mimics the way that genes encode the proteins that make each organism and species unique.

Environmental Biotech

The use of organic systems and living organisms to solve problems, develop solutions, or create products.

Futuristic Interface

Technology and conceptual designs that are inspired by Sci-fi movies and futurisitic setting.

Interactive Arts

The arts that involve audiences in a way that allows the arts to evolve and create new experiences for the audiences.

Architecture Design

In order to create a sustainable living, human need to blend art, science, and engineering together to design a big crazy idea called "home"

Game Development

Play is a natural behavior of highly developed animal, so human can use games for so many purpose - to educate, simulate, and entertain.

Modern Traditions

The only way that we can preserve our culutre is to make it alive. The only way that we can make the culture alive is to let it evolve.

Fine Arts

Art is the ways that human can use their imagination to travel to the eternity of the universe - to explore the conflict, chaos, and feeling.


The only way we can make sure that we really understand something for sure is to teach it to other people.

Innovative Prototype

All the innovative and interdisciplinary projects

Scene Design

Applying new media technology and animation techniques on play design


Slides from Pat's talks. Pat agrees with Socrates that wisdom begins with wonder. Therefore, the visual presentation is important for Pat.

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