learn X - 2016

LearnX is a digital literacy resource matching platform that bridge those gap. The scope of digital literacy is broad and could potentially be overwhelming for the beginner. Therefore, the essential function of LearnX is to help the disadvantage person find the right resources that match his/her interests and goal in life. The platform would consider the career path that the learners want to pursue and the skills that they already have in order to match them with the appropriate digital lessons. The assessment tool will be evaluated by the expert in the field of education and will be tested on the focus group.

Jube - 2015

The BioX team from Thailand developed Jube, a bio-inspired chamber for capturing edible insects, the food of the future. After studying a range of carnivorous plants, the team decided to base their design on the Genlisea violacea “lobster-pot trap.” This is a Y-shaped modified leaf chamber that is easy to enter, but not to exit due to its inward-pointing hairs, which force the prey to move in a particular direction. This device promotes a more sustainable way to incorporate protein and nutrients into the world’s diet by offering an insect-capturing device that is unique and beautifully crafted.

Microgravity device - 2012

The JSTP12 team developed a conceptual device that can conduct an investigation on enzyme behavior and activity under microgravity. The device was designed to be used in the parabolic flight, which generate the microgravity condition. The applications of this technology are broad, but the most important impact is that it would help researchers conduct experiments on human metabolism and chemical reaction in the condition that is slightly similar to space.

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