Jube - 2015

The BioX team from Thailand developed Jube, a bio-inspired device for capturing edible insects, the food of the future. After studying a range of carnivorous plants, the team decided to base their design on the Genlisea violacea “lobster-pot trap.” This is a Y-shaped modified leaf chamber that is easy to enter, but not to exit due to its inward-pointing hairs, which force the prey to move in a particular direction. This device promotes a more sustainable way to incorporate protein and nutrients into the world’s diet by offering an insect-capturing device that is unique and beautifully crafted.

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The amount of population in the world is increasing, especially in low- and middle-income country. It is likely to increase from seven point two billion to nine point six billion in two thousand fifty. This cause needed of food to soar up. Edible insects are one of the answers to global food crisis due to the high protein level and rich in essential micronutrients, such as iron and zinc. They also don’t need as much space as livestock, emit lower levels of greenhouse gases, and have an extremely high feed conversion rate. The team developed Jube, a bio-inspired chamber for capturing edible insects. The trapping mechanism is the result of the Genlisea violacea’s lobster-pot trap biomimicry. In order to mimic the lobster-pot trap, the team designed the structure of hair pointing inward, which would prevent the insects that step into Jube to escape from the trap. The overall look of Jube is similar to pitcher plant, which is the intention of the designers to mimic the fascinating shape of nature in order to make Jube more like a plant and less like a machine, which can be alienated for general people.

About Team

The BioX team is interdisciplinary and includes undergrad and highschool students.

Team Members

  • Pat Pataranutaporn - Head of innovative design
  • Ratchaphak Tantisanghirun - Head of operation
  • Tavita Kulsupakarn - Head of product fabrication
  • Alfredo Raphael - Head of community relation
  • Purichaya Kuptajit - Head of strategic planning
  • Advisory Board

  • Dr. Werasak Surareunchai
  • Dr. Opas Tantithakul
  • Bank Ngamarunchot
  • Mentors

  • Rob Logan
  • Chris Allen