Humanity X develops innovative technologies for humanity and social good. Our flagship product is ARKHumanity, a platform which monitors social media for distress signals so that our customers can triage cases of crisis and perform risk reduction and referral. Individuals in crisis who reach out on social media may not receive a response to their call for help. This experience can increase risk. Organizations which seek to reduce suicide are not currently able to serve as a safety net by identifying and reaching out to these individuals. Our initial customers will be colleges and universities with whom we will have a collaborative relationship to research and develop an effective solution.  From there our customer base will expand to government health departments, insurance and health care providers, and public safety services (police, firefighters, EMTs).

ARKHumanity technology is for the real time detection and response in cases of suicidal messages on social media.  ARKHumanity bridges the gap between individuals and mental health professionals. ARKHumanity also categorizes users into populations of interest. This is used to connect individuals who are experiencing distress with an organization that is well positioned to help them. For example, students who are struggling can benefit from the support of their school’s counseling center. This component of our service also continuously improves by learning from user feedback.


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ARKHumanity is a product of Humanity X Technologies, LLC