Consuming nutritions is an essential process of surviving for most organisms on earth, it allows the metabolisms inside the organism to continue to sustain life. Different life forms have different strategies for doing so, from synthesizing their nutrition, to hunting other organisms as food. For humans, the processes of consuming food have evolved from massive lifting works such as hunting wooly mammoth during Holocene or primitive agriculture, to capitalistic way of ordering food from chained restaurant. One trend in the history of human food consumption is the notion that the process of having is becoming more simple, thus results in human spending less energy in getting food. This project speculates on the future of food consumption and stretches this trend by asking a question: “what if in the future, humans can create the food purely with their mind without any physical process?”. This project connects a food 3D printer with an EEG headset to allow users to be able to 3D print their food base on their emotion.




Freak Lab + Vistec