Bio appstore (bioappstore.org) is the continuation of the experiment to rethink the idea of gene construct as a kind of software application. Bio app store borrows the narrative of mobile app store by creating a web system that allows the user to experience browsing biological app, give feedback on existing bio apps, and even submit ideas for their bio apps. This platform is based on two speculative premises that 1) the user has DNA I/O device that can read and write new DNA into human body, 2) there is a technology that allows the insertion of new DNA rapidly takes effects and prevent the disruption of other metabolic pathways. This project, therefore, serves as the future vision of bio/digital app store.

Currently, there are ten existing bio apps in the bio app store. The apps are: 1) Biofile,  an app for the user to read/write file into DNA and vice versa with DNA I/O device. 2) Hairlab, an app for changing hair color through gene editing. 3) Bio tattoo, an app for creating the tattoo with imprinted biosensor and memory file. 4) Dinoparts, an app for converting modern-day animal to dinosaurs using genes modification. 5) BioClimate, an app that works with wearable DNA sequencer for creating biological map that shows the profile of surrounding biological world. 6) XFood, an app for personalizing nutrients in food. 7) Voice2Gene, an app for converting voice commands to actionable genes. 8) DNA Musicase, an app for playing music from DNA sequence. 9) iHorn, an app that allows human to grow horn. 10) SpaceMorph, an app that helps human body to travel in space without spacesuit.