What if you can open your file in DNA formate and can save it back to your DNA?

We explore the idea of recreating basic human-computer interaction on file storage with biological system. We develop a compiler that converts image file (.JPEG) into DNA sequences, which can be ligated into a plasmid DNA that can transfer into E. Coli bacteria via protocol described in. The compiler converts each pixel hex number into two nucleotide configurations. This process can use to convert digital file to biological file stored in bacteria in both forward and backward direction. The information stored in E. Coli can be recovered by DNA extraction method described in. The extracted DNA can be read using a DNA sequencer and decompiled into a digital file. This process exemplifies the use of biological material to resemble hard disk using the compiler as the platform.


This figure shows the pictures that have been converted back and forth between JPEG and DNA format with an algorithmic mutation simulation