DNArt is a multidisciplinary project that is taking inspiration from functional genomics to create a new type of graphic representation and artwork. DNArt is an algorithm that mimics the way that genes encode the proteins that make each organism unique by encoding that biological information into creative forms and musical notes. The project can be viewed from two completely different but complementary perspectives. From the scientific perspective, the researcher and science educator could use this platform to create a graphic representation of the unique genomic signature of each organism. The graphical elements generated from the algorithm can be used to compare the degree of similarity between two or more species, raising awareness of genetic biodiversity for the general public. Artistic Perspective From the aesthetic perspective, this project creates a novel platform for interactive art. The artist could develop on top of DNArt algorithm platform to generate artwork that conveys the connections between the building blocks of life and our perceptions of the organisms in the world around us.



Pataranutaporn, P., Valencia, A. V., & Kusumi, K. (2016). Visualizing Biodesign: transforming research through interactive technology. In Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory.




DNA to Art


DNA to Music