The i.d.e.a. Museum presents Sci-Fi: Fantasy to Reality exhibition (June 17, 2016 through Sept 11, 2016), which focuses on art that celebrates science fiction stories and the innovations predicted in these stories. Visitors to the exhibition will take on the role of a science fiction writer – exploring their imaginations and creative inventions by others – to develop a work of art of their own. My team and I designed the interactive installations for the museum by presenting 4 projects :Genetic Poetry, The Entrance to Futuretopia, The future you, The future prophecy.



The visionaries behind “Futuretopia” are Pat Pataranutaporn, Thomas Kirwan, Nora Welthy from the AWESOME studio of Arts & Sciences. The team are all science fiction fans and they turn this great sort of inspiration to tangible interactive experiences.

The team receives tremendous support from the curator Jeffory Moris, Rex Witte, Dena Milliron, Sunnee O’Rork, the i.d.e.a Museum staffs and interns, Dr. Ed Finn and ASU Center for Science and the imagination, Professor David Tinnapple from ASU School of Arts, Media + Engineering.