The generative interaction created by bio-inspired algorithm to cover the sculpture is realized by implementing sensors in the textile object, which reacts to touch, moisture, heat and triggers by means of its shape mapped projections and amalgamated sounds. The participant would experience synchronised changes created by his or her interaction with the sculpture. The external viewers would also participate in the social interaction between human, membrane, and mind. Our planet is running out of room and resources. Modern man has plundered so much, that outer space will have to be colonised, the human needs to be prepare for entering the new stage or going back to the safety mothers umb.The modern energy storage techniques will radically change our forms of mobility, and new modern bodies. Our role will be to recreate our body, to redesign, reshape, reconstruct our membrane. The Generative Membrane is a compositional experience that works with the synesthetic perception of movement. It deals with the intersection among design, art, and technology, seeking ways to sensitize an immanent vitality in order to produce positive affects to a person’s unique creative pulse. The interactive installation Generative Membrane elaborates on the theme of the second skin or shelter for the soul, reacting to external and internal stimuli. It consists of several layers which have all their dedicated purposes, proceeding with the different functions Fabric and tissue have many features in common, they stretch, shield, filter, cover and hide.

Exhibitions & Presentations

2017 – IEEE VIS (Guest), Arizona
2017 – ISEA : International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Columbia
2016 – 3D-Festival BEYOND,  Germany


Cell brush engine (MAX/MSP Patches) created by Pat & Todd Download
Presentation Download


Galina Mihaleva
Pat Pataranutaporn
Todd Ingalls