The Hug-gable Hologram explores the connection between the future interaction of holographic technology and people. What will it be used for? What will the connection between human a hologram be, what laws will exist for the hologram that is separate or like the human? Will this technology be used to monitor and police human behavior? Are our current interactions being analyzed to predetermine their usage? How does this change the role of the government? What does this look like in the life of everyday people? Are a few questions being explored through this interactive installation. The hug-gable hologram has two stages, the first is human projection of those living and deceased. Each projection delivers a speech or a talk for the observer to view and respond to. The response may be in pushing a button to give approval, hugging the hologram and providing self-reflective questioning. The second stage allows the observer to become a part of the projection and interact with other audience members or self. The purpose of each stage is to get people thinking about the usages of the technology, who gets to be presented and why.

The development of this projected came out of a 6-week incubator lab, The Studio for the Future of Arts and Culture, with Arizona State University and Benington College Students in partnership with the Center for Cultural Innovation at Stanford University. This project is created by Erika Moore in partnership with Pat Pataranutaporn. Erika was interested in the way technology would be or could be used to help people with cognitive inabilities connect to self-others, others and society. She created the Experience Museum, an exhibition of self-related practices conducted by modern technology to connect self to self, self to others and the community. In doing so she began to question how relational equipment will become to humans and wondered if we are looking at using technology in a way that could assist us in addressing cultural and societal disparities that exist in various communities. The Hug-gable Hologram at the Experience Museum existed as a holographic narrator between subject and activity to be as real as possible. The set up existed of 3D projection, screens, a pillow stand and a back room for recorded projection to be computed into space. Participants in the museum were instructed by the hologram to partake in various exercises and they went on very well. The second half of the presentation the holographic image became real and performative linking the concepts that led to the development of the experience museum and the hologram to performative art. Erika realized after presenting the project that there is a lot of unpacked potential in discovering the role of artist and scientist in relation to aging, social construction and performance. To find out what the connections are and where they exist she has revamped the identity of the hug-gable hologram to enter new places such as the Idea Museum.



Erika Moore
Pat Pataranutaporn