Artist Statement

“Human Emotion” compiles portions of faces displaying emotions together with images of hands on a projected display. A user is invited to record their emotions. Once they are finished the lead computer relays a message to the other two computers to tell them to all display, in unison, the specific emotion requested by the user. Random parts of that user along with archived displays of the same emotion are played in unison. (Team includes Rowan Burkam, diana ishak, Pat Pataranutaporn, Nora Welthy, and Tom Trauberman)


Pat Pataranutaporn
Nora Welthy
Tom Trauberman
Rowan Burkam
Diana ishak


2014 – ASU’s Digital Culture Showcase
2014 – Collaborative Exhibition at IceHouse Gallery
2015 – Spark Festival of Creativity at Mesa Arts Center
2015 – SouthWest Maker Festival at Central Mesa