iClimate is a social media platform created to collect people’s imaginings about climate change. The platform was developed to engage the public in a novel way to think about climate futures using “speculative design” framework. The platform encourages the user to imagine scenarios around “what if” questions based on tangible and realistic climate projections using NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) data. The architecture of this platform will have 3 parts. The first part is the interface that allow the audience to pick the location that they want to explore. Second, the system will take real information from the database to generate different futuristic climate scenarios for that selected location. Third, the platform will ask the participant to use the generated information as a premise to complete a narrative about what they imagine might happen in the future. Each person will be asked to reflect on a randomly generated question about how climate changes impact either humans, animals, the environment, or the economy. In this sense, the project seeks to create a collection of climate stories from the bottom up through this democratic imaginative process. By engaging in this new form of social media, people around the world can engage in story-telling about the future that has the potential to open people’s eyes to the consequences of climate change and serve as a starting point for further investigation or perhaps as a call to action.





Ellery Leung
Emily Bosak
Brock Williams
Laura Popova
Pat Pataranutaporn (initiator)