The purpose of this study was to identify groups of bacteria from landfils that are capable of degrading polystyrene foam. Mineral salt medium with polystyrene foam as the only carbon source was used to enrich bacteria in this experiment. After 1 months of incubation, surface of polystyrene foams were observed by using compound microscope and scanning electron microscope. The consortium of microbe were identified by 16s Ribosomal DNA and DGGE technique to study the change of microbe population. The microbial fingerprints show that some of bacteria are able to grow in condition that polystyrene is the sole carbon source. Some traces of biodegradation were found on the surface of polystyrene foam under scanning electron microscope once compared to the control group.



Awards & Conferences

  • Poster presentation at Science Festival, Willamette University, Oregon State – USA 2014
  • Representative from Thailand to present research project at BYEE conference organized by Bayer and UNEP, Germany 2011
  • Representative of South East Asia to present research project at 19th NCSC (19th National Children’s Science Conference), Jaipur – India 2011
  • Poster Presentation at 4th APEC Youth Science Festival (AYSF 2011), Bangkok – Thailand 2011
  • Poster Presentation at STT 36 (36th Congress on Science and Technology Thailand) 2010 – Proceeding



  • Pat Pataranutaporn
  • Assistant prof. Savaporn Supaphol, Ph.D
  • prof. Amornrat Phongdara, Ph.D
  • Sureeporn Nualkaew
  • Supported by JSTP (National Science and Technology Development Agency )
  • Kasetsart University + Prince of Songkla University
  • Special Thanks to Professor Neung Teaumroong and his students, Professor Werasak Surareungchai and his students, Dr. Ampaitip Sukhoom, Dr. Opas Tantitakul, Dr. Panwong Kuntanawat, and my supporters