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Download Green Mission. Developer has provided several option for download along with the game source code. Please give us feedback for the future development of the game.

Game Story

Learn more about the machine invastion and the great story behind the game. See how the objecs can become super villians!

Game Help

Learn more about each phytoheroes and the villians in the mad scientist's lab. Learn more about Phytoremediation, Biotechnology, and sciences behind this game.

The Green Mission is a computer game that is built around the concept of bioremediation (the method using specific organisms to absorb and degrade toxic chemical from the environment).The idea of the game came from Plants vs. Zombies, but instead of having Zombies as the antagonis - the game has the mutated monsters that came from human waste as the enermies. This game won “Best Application Award” from CodeDay Corvallis in January, 2014.

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